Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Should we learn, forget or both?

Yes, it happened a long time ago and we should move on. But should we forget? Should we learn?

Recently a statue was removed from Central Park, New York. The reason: it was a statue of J. Marion Sims, the 'father of modern gynecology'. He was called a doctor but he performed his experimental 'surgery' exclusively on enslaved women. Without using anestesia. In modern days he would have been put in jail for torture. In his days he was celebrated for the progress he made in the medical profession. A bit like the 'doctors' in nazi concentration camps performing 'surgery' on jewish people.

In my opinion people like these 'doctors' should not be placed on a pedestal but on the other hand we should not forget about their atrocities. So, yes, they should be mentioned in History classes. But their lives and actions should not be celebrated.

What do you think?


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