Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Double standards

You all know the examples of double standards people don't realize they speak about:

'Those foreigners steal our jobs and are too lazy to work!'

Without wondering how anyone can work and not work at the same time.

'Everybody who receives a government handout is just too lazy to work!
Except for me because it's not my fault I'm unemployed.'

Yeah, but when someone else is unemployed it's their fault.

'The government should tell people what they can and can't do
and the government should never tell people what they can and can't do!'

'Everybody should always obey the rules. Except for me because I know
perfectly well when rules are stupid and can decide for myself which ones I follow.'

'All foreigners must leave my country immediately! Except for my still not English speaking grandfather and that nice guy from the taco stand near work.'

So, should all foreigners leave or just the foreigners you don't know personally?

Latest one in that order is this one by the National Rifle Association, the NRA:
According to the NRA everybody will be safer if more people would carry weapons in public. Except at NRA meetings.

I think that is funny. What do you think?


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