Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Harmful to kids

One of these children is holding something that's banned in the USA 'because it could potentially be harmful to kids'. The other is holding an assault rifle.

Of course you don't want your child to grow up to be an abose adult thanks to all that chocolate and sugar in Kinder surprise eggs! Let alone have them suffocate in the tiny plastic toys inside. You want everything that's harmful to your child to be banned, right? The government should do make everything that could hurt your child illegal to own, right?

But the government should not meddle with your right to own a gun. Right? So, the government should always tell others what to do and never tell others what to do. Yeah!

'Yeah, but if we ban guns, criminals will get their hands on them anyway.'
-'So you're also against drugcontrol because criminals will get their hands on them anyway.'?

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