Saturday, February 21, 2004

John Kerry, John Edwards, Ralph Nader (yes, him again) os possibly George Junior? Who will win the 2004 presidential elections? Let's see: who's circle of family and friends has most to say in the worlds weapons trade? Which one of the candidates is most influential in the oil-industry? Who's family has most business contacts with known terrorist-networks? For those who have the answers to those questions it should not be too hard to figure out who's gonna be the next president of the US of A.

Aparrently my choice is Kucinich (who's he?). According to the test on Presidentmatch that is. Who's yours?

All over the world people still loose their lives due to malpractice. Like in Moscow. And Iran. And the Netherlands. Send detectives to disaster areas and determine who gains most from the so called "errors" made in construction and/or procedure and/or maintenance.
Than you will have found the one responsible. Than let them grovel for their sanity on nationwide television. Than hand them over to the relatives of their victims.

I've recently had the opportunity to work at this event called "Black Xion"
and the past week I had my first talk about some kids progress. But this time not as a parent. Of course several neighbours had come for tea and I've been studying and working, taking my son to school and his karate-class on mondays and doing Pencak Silat every thursday-night. There is the occasional appointment in between but nothing out of the ordinary. Then how come I feel so enormously tired?

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