Friday, February 06, 2004

George Junior and his pal Tony Blair have (again!) been nominated for the Nobel peace prize. That's like the Harlem Globetrotters winning the superbowl.
Yes, complete and utter nonsense. Well, not according to this extreme rightwing Norwegian politician who apparently thinks blowing up schools so the kids in it can't grow up to become terrorists is a good thing without wondering why their parents are outraged.
His name is Harald Nesvik and you can ask him why he really nominated the worlds most formost warmongers at
Here's some good arguments why The B-brothers should not be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Quite a few people don't seem to give a toss when thousands die from hunger
and/or get their limbs torn off due to some idiot who thinks producing weapons is a good idea and are outraged when they see a bare nipple on TV.
Yes, I'm referring to the nipslip-incident were Justin Timberlake (accidentely?) exposed part of a breast being part of Janet Jackson during the superbowl-show.

Where does this sense of priority come from?

Another talk about my son's progress I had at afterschool. Same story there as at school, really. Bit boring. He should, however, participate a bit more in group-activities. He's great with his sister, though. Last weekend she stayed with us and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Except for the last bit: the saying goodbye...

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Of course, you might have to learn Dutch, then.

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