Friday, January 30, 2004

For the true followers (mind you, not "believers") of the conspiracy theory here's a nice website called conspiracyarchive. A nice read for Fidel Castro and others who are convinced the CIA is plotting to kill him as they have done in the past. What did George Junior call him again? And is it true that America someday will become a civilized nation and abolish the death penalty? After it no longer exists for the mentally disabled and may even be further restricted to those commiting their crime whilst over eighteen years of age it may well be that my son's granchildren will live to see the day the USA no longer kills people to show other people that killing people is wrong. False hopes?
A mere wish? Well, don't hold your breath until High Priests rule but keep thinking positive.

Here we had a very positive week that started saturday when Jessica, Vincent's girlfriend brought us Max, a very cool Guinea pig. All the guests we had on sunday (the forementioned Jessica, neighbour Johanna, neighbour
Angélique, neighbour Miriam and her daughters Eva and Dayna, as well as Bas, Vincent, Liz and Igor couldn't help to stroke his soft fur and listen to his purring. Can't say I blame them!

Last tuesday Ferdinand got his mid-term report from school. On all points he scored a "more than sufficient", a "good" either a "very good".
The teacher had but one complaint:"The boy should be a little troublesome at times. That is only natural for a boy his age."
Now, ain't that somethin'? Catch'ya next week!

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