Friday, January 16, 2004

No more Kilroy shows on BBC for a while, I guess, since the star of the show, Robert Kilroy-Silk, appears to be a human being with an opinion of his own. Apparently venting your thoughts in public can cost you your job. But only if those thoughts are politically incorrect. I don't agree with mister Kilroy's opinion concerning the Arab world but that's not the issue here. What's at stake is the freedom of speech. I already know someone who got arrested for calling George junior a murderer. Next our children will be handed out textbooks in school that tell you what you can and cannot say in public...

For the time being we will make up our own shows.

Speaking of freedom of speech: Former American Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill has used this right to tell the world his ex-boss has been looking for an excuse to bomb Iraq since the day of inauguration. Old news, mister O'Neill. That was not only common knowledge but also the sole reason for his brother and father to put him in the seat.
Read the book "The price of loyalty."

Like to stay informed about what's going on within the different parties now election-time is nearing?
Tune in to Watchblog, a LiveJournal trying to give you an uncoloured insight into todays politics in the US of A.

Keep your almanac well-hidden from now on. You could get arrested for carrying one according to this FBI-warning. Hilariaous, really.
Almost as funny as being accused of terrorism for sharing a birthday with a known terrorist. Should you be wanting to fly over American soil make sure your birthday is not on the list, otherwise you're an immediate suspect.
It's KGB revisited if you ask me! Thanks to the system called CAAPS II
every man, woman and child in the USA has lost all right to privacy in the name of anti-terrorism. On top of that mister Bush Jr. recently stated in his speech at the Americas-top where Fidel Castro was not invited that no
one who is corrupt is welcome in America. Where will they put all those people and who will keep the country running? Attorney General John Ashcroft?

I'd like to know his reaction to the arrest of Dale Robin Hersh, an American pilot who mocked the Brazilian system fo airline-security.

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