Friday, January 23, 2004

The past week went by fast. Work, study and kid consume most of my time. Close second come my neighbours. Although, to my son's great disapointment, neighbour Johanna didn't make use of her right to see our son. His grandfather was also scheduled to come but due to a health-problen couldn't make it. What really cheered him up was his first swimming-lesson in years. The kids in his class who already got a diploma today started with swimming-lessons through school. The kids that couldn't swim at all were able to go before the last holidays. Thanks to government-measures school-swimming is now only subsidised six months of the year.

"They" apparently prefer to spent money on deciding what colour background the new social services logo should have (Estimated costs: 5 mil. Euro's) or on the development of a fighter no one has asked for (estimated costs: 7 bil. Euro's).
Why should you use all those nice banknotes to teach children how to swim?

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