Friday, January 09, 2004

Here, in the western aka "civilized" world we lavish our freedom. We think we are free to do as we please. We are indeed. Within the convinement of our cages that is. Let's take the Netherlands (since I live there we could take a less easier example but why should we?): you are free to smoke. As long as it's not in a public place. You are free to smoke on trainplatforms. As long as you stay within a two metre radius of a so called "smoke-pillar". Ain't that a laugh. You're free to think your thoughts. As long as you don't express them in a way "they" don't like.

But things are about to change since a radical movement has risen to strike down the Bush regime: Babes Against Bush will shake the world as we know it!

Speaking of the US president. Apparantly he suddenly is in favor of a plan of regularisation concerning immigrants (ie Spanish speaking voters) by stating "(we need a plan) that serves the American economy and reflects the American dream."

I wonder why he comes with this plan in election-time and not long before...

The same goes for his plan to re-conquer space. Well, the moon and Mars at least. Clues, anyone?

Perhaps concerning the question: why does an American soldier receive a medal when he shoots an Iraqi criminal and does a Dutch marine get sentenced to jail for doing the same?

The new year has begone. For my son with an upgrade of group.
He moved up to the advance-class in karate. In a years time from nothing to orange belt. Ain't that something?

As for me: I started working under a new contract and picked up the study "SPW3" (childmender). Could use some extra dough, though.
We'll see how I can get that in my bankaccount...Anyone in need of an entertainer?
Here's an interesting search-string:
contact email list of Security Camera guestbook in iran 2004

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