Friday, June 04, 2004

For "personal reasons" George Tenet and James Pavitt (successor to Jack Downing) stepped down.
They no longer form the top of one of the worlds well known agencies: the CIA. There resignation has nothing to do with the coming of a report from the Senate intelligence committee which states that the CIA, and in particular above mentioned gentlemen, have blundered and even lied concerning the 9/11 attacks ("there is no reason to fear a terrorist attack")and the Iraqi conflict ("We have proof Saddam owns weapons of mass destruction").

In a few weeks Dutch Power will be given to the jackals of the free market. For our energy we will be depending on people whose sole purpose in life is to make more money than anybody else. Great.
Remember California where above scenario lead to massive power failure? That's what awaits us...

This coming monday I will be going back to work and really looking forward to it. Except for those stairs that is...The fysiotherapist
yesterday told me that apparently I've been using the wrong muscles to walk. Because of a moped-accident at age seventeen after which I basically used some back-muscles to avoid the pain in my leg. Today she wil give me some exercises that should help me to walk properly again.

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