Friday, June 11, 2004

I just don't understand these searches:

2004 email contacts of Zutphen

guestbook of tea in iran

Can someone explain them to me, please?

The trailer of Michael Moore's new film "fahrenheit 911" has just been released on the internet. I for one would not be surprised if the things hes says and writes will lead up to a small "accident"resolving in mr. Moore's untimely demise...

The UN-resolution concerning Iraq states there will come an end to the occupation of the country. What occupation? The country is not occupied, is it? Or have we been lied to all this time? Something I can't really imagine. Why would any government lie to its subjects?
It's totally unheard of!

After three weeks last monday I started working again. The only real difficulty were the stairs but otherwise it went just fine. Fysiotherapy is really working and I know that within a few weeks I can use my leg's full potential once more.

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