Friday, June 18, 2004

It gets weirder and weirder. Is someone out there collecting e-mail


email guestbook for gains in world

email guestbook of world terrorists

From january first 2005 on The Netherlands will officially have become

a police state:
Police may already search you if they find a "probabal cause".
The secretary of justice refuses to elaborate on the term.
You will need to be able to show an id on demand. Mind you: you are not

obliged to carry one but if you can't show one on demand
you may be fined a maximum of 2250 euro's of face a two week jail

sentence. All this for no reason at all. Basically they can now pick up and deport all homeless people and harass every single law abiding citizen.
I don't think this government measure will prevent terrorists from blowing up the Amsterdam WTC for instance. Carrying legal documents didn't keep the 9/11 terrorists from executing their terrible plan, did it? As a matter of fact: if they didn't have valid passports they would have been stopped before they entered their respective planes...

And will a child molester not perform his (or her!) deed when obligated to carry an id?

I don't think so. Do you?

"Knowing someone's name gives the people a sense of security",
so the government claims.

Well, the guy flying a plane into your kids school tomorrow is called John Wayne. Will you now sleep better tonight?

After a very nice weekend with both my legal children I watched the football-match Holland-Germany on monday together with my son as part of his upbringing. I must be doing something wrong 'cause he said:"Dad, I don't care who wins because I am happy when Holland wins and my best friend is German so he will be happy when Germany wins and then I will be happy for him..."

My knee is getting better on a daily basis and I got the green light for doing my Pilates Groundcontrol exercises again.

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