Friday, August 06, 2004

A week with my son. One can do a lot worse!
We spent it with a visit to the gardencentre where we got some new plants for our "garden" of two by two metres. We went to the English expat-shop where we found out they had run out of Jawbreakers but fortunately still had a stock of Polo, the mint with the hole.
We also went to the pool with neighbour Miriam and her two daughters: Eva and Dayna and went to see my friend Sharon and her kids who basically live on the other side of town.
Visits to Ikea and a DIY-store were also part of our Father And Son week; We went to the movies to see Shrek 2 as well as Thunderbirds
(Not on the same day mind you);
We went to the Vondelpark with our friend Daniƫlle where we noticed fashion requires that skirts should be shorter than last year and shirts should be tighter.

Perhaps not as tight as security-measures surrounding "important"
American targets or as tight as the "no press-cordon" around Guantanamo Bay but still. Speaking of the prison camp on Cuban (...) territory:
The three Brits that have been released earlier in a report speak of mistreatment of prisoners by American soldiers. A spokesman for the US military surprisingly enough denies all allegations.

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