Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Last saturday my son got invited to be present at the opening of a new movie. The film "Eric of het Klein Insectenboek" was shot after the book by the same title of Dutch (and long dead) author Godfried Bomans.
We stood in front of the theatre when the limousines containing most of cast and crew arrived and the male fruit of my loins managed to get a few autographs. Sunday we scheduled a quiet day as we both felt a bit under the wheather. The weekend before was busy enough with his birthday bash an' all.

Unfortunately, just like last tuesday, we again did not manage to see his sister today as was promised to us by her mom.
Maybe it's time to take some legal steps as I am still her dad as opposed to "the other guy". On top of that our goldfish ("Rastaman") is dying. We took refuge in eating a lot nice things today in an attempt to surpress our true feelings.

In the meantime Ferdinands schizofrenic mother does not visit her son on a regular basis anymore and although I try very hard
to keep his surroundings as normal and stable as possible I find it increasingly harder to pretend nothing is the matter. Shall I continue the farce or take a rigorous measure like taking both my recognized children and ask for political asylum in Cuba?


JaG said...

Totally off topic; Tummy ache??? From Glassex?? You have to tell me that story!

Terrebel said...

Although I've never tried in for real, I've sometimes thought about using it for that purpose.
Read my Dutch weblog to find a few reasons...