Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"Someone or something" dusted marslander Opportunity so it performs as good as in the days it just landed,
according to New Scientist. Can that Martian someone or something please stop by at my place?

It's not only a mess at my place. There's also a mess at Camp Marez in northeren Iraq where today 24 people were killed, presumably by people who are not happy with the American occupation of their country..
The explosion killed soldiers and mercenaries alike. Excuse me: I should say peacekeepers and contractors.
But there's support for their loved ones: Donald Rumsfeld may send them a copy of an earlier written letter of condolance. Now, isn't that heartwarming?

What truly is heartwarming is that my son was extremele happy when he got his green belt in karate, yesterday.
Yesterday we also heard his sister will stay with us for a couple of days next week. But I'm afraid we'll have to miss her with christmas as well as during the New Years Eve-celebrations. At least I still get to see her on occassion as opposed to some 160,000 other dad's in this country with a population of 16 milion. They don't get to see their child(ren) ever, thanks to Dutch law that almost always put the mom in the favoured position after a divorce.
Even a mother that has killed, cut the body up in pieces and spread them around the country, her daughter is not deprived of the right to raise her younger daughter. Her ex and biological father has nothing to say in the matter.
Due to the circumstances I'm in (My schzizofrenic and paranoid ex still has equal parental rights regarding our son and the mother of my daughter can do whatever she likes with her although I am recognized as the biological father) I joined the movement Fathers-4-Justice.

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