Monday, December 27, 2004

dictatorship n : a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique; a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated; a despotic state

I was thinking of leaving this country, taking my kids with me and become a dictator somewhere.
I wanted to put my CV up on the message board at
but apparently that website has been taken offline. Too bad.
I'll just have to do with getting some inspiration from these guys. Did you know Fidel Castro has only to remain in power for two more years to beat Kim Il Sung as longest reigning dictator?

Originally a dictator was someone assigned by the Roman Senate to clear up their political mess in maximum 6 months time. He was given almost full power for that period. Nowedays they are given a maximum of eight years to clear up the mess left by their predecessor. Sometimes they are told to leave after four years of close to absolute power. Personally I prefer the Roman way. Alas sometimes people take abuse of their given power.
Take Caesar for example. Or Augustus who, as dictator ordered the Senate was nothing more than for show, sort of like the English Royalty. Although England and The Netherlands both claim to be a democracy they are actually a form of dictatorship in the form of a monarchy: a non-chosen person is officially heading the country's politics. At least in the US the dictator is "chosen" by the people. Made possible by several influential bussinessmen, but nonetheless.

Where am I heading with above statements? I have no idea. Cuba, perhaps?

At least I got to spend Christmas-eve with my son and my mother and although I did miss my daughter for christmas, at least I'm not one of the 160,000 dads in this country (on a total population of 16 milion people that is a lot) who don't get to see their kid(s) ever at all.


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