Sunday, January 02, 2005

More people die of starvation each and every week than the biggest tsunami in recorded history can kill in a day.
Of course it is mindboggling and more than awful what mother nature did in South-East Asia. Especially Indonesia has suffered sever losses and part of my family (on mothers side) is from there so it did shock us tremendously.
But why does the UN do so little te make an end to hunger? Why have the oilpiplines in Iraq been restored and do the people of Baghdad still don't have running water? Sources should be divided more evenly but as long as there are people who think they are entitled to have far more than others that remains an Utopia...

Between Christmas and the last day of the year my daughter Eva stayed with us. I'm hoping to see here more this year. With New Years Eve she was back at her moms and I was left with my son, my mom and my best friend. Not the worst of company one can imagine but I still missed my little girl...:-(

May justice rule in 2005.


JaG said...

Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar

Terrebel said...

Maak er weer wat moois van!