Friday, January 07, 2005

ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero released the memo Dec. 20 in New York. That document, a December 2003 FBI internal e-mail, suggests that Bush issued a secret Executive Order authorizing the use of extreme coercive measures in interrogation, including sleep deprivation, stress positions, attack dogs, and use of hoods to intimidate prisoners. The Geneva Convention Against Torture bans all of these practices.

Now that's a surprise! Apparently George Junior knew about the abuse of prisoners in the Abu Graib prison.
What do we call a president who uses torture as a means of staying in power, boys'n girls?

Just you wait till my son has seized power! But first he has to rest since he went ice-skating with me and my group yesterday and with his own group today. He's one happy and lucky kid. Did I tell you about the modeltrain he got from his grandfather, the other day? Neat stuff! We recently re-established contact after we hadn't seen one another since he and his daughter kicked me into seeing a doctor, about seven years ago. The argument started when he stated that Ferdinand would go to hell because I refused to have him baptised as a catholic. I responded that if heaven would be full of hypocrite people like him I'd pray for my son to go see the other guy. Grandpa was offended...

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