Friday, January 21, 2005

A guide led me through a bun. We were plucking ourselves a way through the bread when we got in a chamber that looked
threatening. I asked the guide if he recognized a point in the ceiling that looked like a sort of fungus: brownish threads of biological material crawling allover. From it emerged a creature that rolled towards us. It's body was disc-shaped and it had at least six legs,
being little bigger than a common house-spider, which it also resembled.
The colours were mostly brown and black. It rolled towards us, circled around us and than away from us before returning, obviously curious. It overcame its fear and ran over my body. When I made swapping movements with my hands to chase it off it kind of changed into a butterfly-like creature, flew up and circled around me a few more times.

At the same time a female friend of mine was in danger. She was in an all white room with two plastic benches in the middle, back to back. Here and there laserbeams had been fired across the room. Most were red, some were green. Once emitted, the beams stayed. My friend already had a small fleshwound at her leg where one of the beams had hit her. More beams filled the room when you could see the creature emitting them: It seemed to be a baby's head in a half-round plastic yelow bowl. Whilst my friend crawled the room for her life she knew I was on my way to rescue her. At one point the baby-head stood on one of the benches to fire it's laserbeams from there. It lost balance and fell. Out of the now broken yellow bowl slipped a slimy oval and extremely large children's head. Suddenly the rest of the body had formed, wearing blue and red clothes. Now the being had evolved and could aim it's laserbeams more accurately.
When I entered the room my friend shouted to warn me for a laserbeam. I evaded two by climbing onto one of the couches.

And more dreams of mine you will find here. Above is one of the latest additions. Some people who've read it carefully suggested I might need some professional help...Maybe they're right. Anyways I was at the point of quiting my job this week because I can get more money from social benefits and if at the same time I end the contract for my son's afterschool and will have money left to pay for my ex which gives me a better chance to see my daughter more often. However, I than could be sued for breach of contract. On top of that my boy was ill. How was your week?

Did you see the pictures of Titan? Maybe it's time to migrate! For George Junior and his followers... How dare he speak of freedom while at the same time he deprives thousands of it!?
Privatising social security is a stupid idea. So is planning a war against Iran. Or against any country for that matter. We can achieve world-peace on a much simpler plane: try to make at least two people smile each and everyday and treat others as you want them to treat you. And keep at it! Don't give up when you say "Bless you!!" to a stranger who sneezes on the bus in return calls you names or even threatens you physically.
Just keep smiling and keep up the good work!

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Anonymous said...

I like your Blog. Its very interesting. I don't think you need professional help...But then again, I have some pretty odd dreams sometimes...