Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Serious about the war on drugs

Is your doctor taking pharmaceutical money? Then he (or she) basically is a drug dealer!

More money is made selling prescription drugs than illegal drugs. Most legal drugs are far more addictive than - for instance - marihuana. Have you never wondered why the American government is fiercely against drugs but refuses to raid Wall Street or Charlie Sheen's house?

Pharmaceutical companies are a bit like your daughter's first boyfriend: more concerned with getting inside than performing well once there. (Not my own joke.)

About half of all Americans take sleeping pills. Even though reading a book, watching a Sandra Bullock movie, listening to quiet music or having sex is far more effective to get that well needed drowsy feeling. And much cheaper next to being less dangerous to your health. Although I have my doubts about the Sandra Bullock movies.

If the American government is really serious about the war on drugs, they should take on the pharmaceutical industry.

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