Thursday, September 08, 2016

Disliking someone based on their birthplace?

They came to the United States of America with 350,000 and are with over 8 million now. They did not speak English, held on to their own traditions and their leaders tried to abolish dancing and theatre!

Who are these immigrants? These foreigners?

They are the Dutch.

Yes, Christina Aguilera, Lenny Dykstra, Dan Aykroyd, Gloria Vanderbilt, Herman Melville, Humpfrey Bogart, George Bush, Johnny Depp, Tiger Woods, Marlon Brando, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Benjamin Spock,... All 'real Americans' of Dutch descent. They - or their ancestors - are...FOREIGNERS!

But you don't dislike foreigners, do you? Hating someone because of were their ancestors were born is something from the past, right? Civilized people don't judge people by their birthplace, do they? That was yesterday.

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