Thursday, December 29, 2016

If you think everyting in the Bible is the absolute truth

-'I'm against gay marriage because the Bible says being gay is bad!'

'You're against everything the Bible says is bad?'

-'Yes of course!'

'So you don't eat clawfish?'

-'Well, that's different because you shouldn't take everything that's in the Bible literally.'

'Here's a marker. Could you please mark those Bible passages that should be taken literally because now I'm confused; who gave you the power to decide which parts of the Bible are laws and which parts are nothing more than a written down fantasy of someone who died ages ago?'

-'Well...I still think gay marriage is wrong.'


-'Marriage should be about a man and a woman who join to have children.'

'So every couple who is about to marry should answer the question: 'Are you planning on having kids?' And if the answer is no they should be declined a wedding license? And if your grandmother decided to remarry after your grandfather's passing, you would forbid that because marriage should be about having children?'


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