Saturday, December 10, 2016

Said (a #SortStory) #AmWriting

The only sound he heard did little else than emphasise the silence that followed his unspoken question.

The slowly waking sun dressed the landscape gliding by in the magnificent display of colours you normally only see in artistically intended Science Fiction movies. The mood in the car was expressed in a delicate balance between serene peace and unspoken tensions.

She sat on the passenger seat and he on the back seat. That night they had worked together amicably and without noticing he had developed a slight crush on her.

He leaned forward and put a hand on her shoulder. As if to say something. Outwardly unperturbed she let him for a little while.

Then she touched his hand with hers. First it was just her fingers, then she applied some pressure, radiating from her palm. The meaning was clear: his hand could and should not stay there.

Withdrawing his hand he also swallowed his unspoken words. They were no longer needed as everything had been said.


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