Thursday, December 15, 2016

The news is always right!

What's on the news is always true! Right? No, of course not. Unfortunately we live in a world in which money decides what counts as news. Media have every reason to 'tamper with the truth' (when you do it, it's called 'lying'). And all those reasons have to do with money. Most people don't want to hear everyting is fine. They tune in in the hope to know of someone who's worse of than they are. Yes, we crave bad news. So bad news sells advertisements.

Donald Trump knows that. So he pumps bad news into people's homes and brains. His followers don't seem to realize. And that's funny:

I don't think Trump supporters know Fox News is owned by two foreigners: a Scotsman and a Saudi prince.

Women at French beaches are not allowed to cover themselves 'because they're not upholding French views and traditions. Women in France are also not allowed to show too much skin when they enter a catholic church 'because they're not upholding French views and traditions.' I would seriously not like being a woman in France now!

There's also a beach where women HAVE to cover themselves 'to uphold local views and traditions.' But that's in Tel Aviv so that's okay.

Supposedly Republicans hate muslims 'because they disrespect women.'
So what do you call people who sell, buy and wear shirts like these?

'Yeah, but look at how many people believe in Trump and would do everything he tells them to do! Millions of people can't be wrong, can they?'

There are times the cheering crowd is just not right:

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