Monday, February 20, 2017

Even more on number 45

In the state of Mississippi capital punishment is a legal form of doing justice. The state's legislators are even considering bringing back the firing squad as a means to execute prisoners. Soon Turkey will have the death penaly again. Next to more power for president Erdogan. There was another time when religious fanatics ruled a nation with severe physical punishments as means to control the people. It was called The Dark Ages.

Meanwhile, the President of America, 'the mightiest man on the planet!' and his aides worry about the declining sales of the president's daughter's clothing line.
Unfortunately for the Trumpets (White American ladies who still support the new president) they can't by Ivanka's clothes. Mainly because the clothes are made for slim ladies. But also because they can only buy and hire American.

Ivanka Trump just happens to be close friends with Vladimir Putin's girlfriend and the American tax payer pays for Eric Trump's business trips. Over 20 million people are about to lose their health insurance but most of them don't seem to care 'because a mysogynist racist billionaire promised to create more American jobs!'

Sure, that's why he lets his daughter produce clothes in China. As everybody knows America's 51st state. That's why he just closed a deal with Bayer, a company that once helped Hitler create more jobs for Germans. By getting rid of a couple of million Jews in the country.

A court ruled Mr. Trump's 'Muslimban' illegal.
'See you in court!' was his reply. To the court. He promised to keep a close eye on 'those Wall street guys!' And what better way to keep that promise by appointing them into his cabinet?
The new cabinet picks have one thing in common: they are unbelievably rich. His pick for Education, Betsy DeVos,  paid $6 million dollar to the Republican Party. The rest of her family donated $194 million dollar. But I'm sure that was not the reason why a person without any experience on the matter got elected Secretary of Education.

Donald Trump is really, really smart!
 Mike Pence converted from gay to straight thanks to electroshock therapy:
Soon after being elected VP, Mike Pence deleted this tweet. Too late:
 Pussies all over the world are worried:
It's hard to crack a good joke on Trump when reality is almost funnier
 Trump's action explained by a comedian:

Think 'it' can't happen again? Think again!

 Trump's ego is bigger than his hair:
Perhaps it's best to fight him with his own weapons:

 The similarities are scary
What if he decides to become 'President for Life!'?

The US president has trouble writing speeches containing
more than 140 characters:

It's just coincidence he does not ban muslims
from countries he does business with:

People are mocking him:

 He's not very complicated:
 He copies his speeches all by himself!
His tactics are concerning:

 His followers call themselves Christians
but sane people don't know why:
 Polls that are not in his favour are 'fake news':
 This really is a cruel statement. For Nickelback:
 He does not know what he's talking about. Ever.
 This guy has freedom of speech. People who oppose Trump don't:
 This is true:
 This is also true:
 On the left: Obama's inaugural cake. On the right: Trump's.
But he never steals anything!
 It's proably the lack of food that makes people rejoice.
They simply can't think straight anymore.

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