Tuesday, February 07, 2017

More thoughts on the Trump Administration

When a muslim man attacked (but did not kill) people at the Louvre in Paris, president Trump tweeted his outrage. When a few days earlier a white supremacist killed 9 people gathered for prayer in Quebec, America's mightiest man didn't utter a word. Well, not in public. A cynical person could think Trump is a racist who simply hates Muslims simply because they're Muslims and loves white supremacists because he is one himself.

Fox News immediately assumed the Quebec shooter was a Muslim Extremist and later refused to apologise when the killer turned out to be a white supremacist.

The prime example of Main Stream Media is Mr. Trumps favourite (and next to Breitbart ony) news source. Or appears to be.

His press secretary also kept silent about the Quebec massacre (contrary to The Bowling Green massacre Kellyanne Conway presented as Alternative Fact, this one actually happened).

You can say about Sean Spicer what you like but you have to give the guy some credit. Just imagine how hard it is to say: 'Yes, the president said it's a Muslimban but when he said it he didn't say it. Just as I did not say it when I said it.'

Some people watch soap opera's and or sports and some even read books! One of my personal favourite pastimes is reading 'arguments' by rightwing people:

'Lefties only share fake news!' -'Yeah, all those people killed by toddlers? All work at gas stations in Florida. With Elvis. It's true.'

If it weren't so sad and dangerous the Trump administration would be highly humorous. I don't know about you but I think he will finish his term. Perhaps Howard Stern (click) is right and Donald Trump simply ran for president to raise his pay for producing The Apprentice. The theory would account for the fact that The Donald seems clueless about his new job.

You could laugh about Mr. Trump's lack of ability to show compassion or knowledge of ethics or faith in science but it's only a matter of time before his lack of qualification for the job actually costs people's lives. As it already has: the Commander in Chief ordered a strike in Yemen (click). Over dinner with the former head of Breitbart and Trump's own son-in-law. That's right: The president was not in the prep room when he ordered the killing of 'possible rebels'. Obama wanted to wait for more intel and ordered the strike to be at least be excecuted on a moonless night. You know, to minimize the chances of the Seals excecuting the order getting caught or - worse - shot and killed. A Seal got killed, a few men got injured and women and children got killed, shot and possibly even burned alive. At least 23 civilians got killed. And yes maybe a few al-Qaida fighters died. According to Sean Spicer 'it was worth it'. So Trump calls the attack 'a succes'. He and his acting First Lady (daughter Ivanka. Melania has been out of sight since the inauguration) went to show their respect to the Seal's widow. Who, without Trump, would not be a widow.

Unfortunately Donald Trump does not like to be confronted by facts (click). His sidekick Mr. Bannon, will see to that.

For your convenience I've collected a few pictures reflecting my thoughts on the issue. Some are made by friends, some I grabbed from the internet, some I made myself. The pictures should speak for themselves. To click is to enlarge.

It's not always easy but I love to fight fear with humour.
And I'm not the only one:

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