Saturday, February 18, 2017

Introduced (a #ShortStory) (It's okay to RT. Thanks!)

Darkness had already fallen when he was standing at the bus stop early in the evening. He had arranged to meet a friend and was planning to take the last bus home at the latest.

Then she caught his eye and he changed his plan. Even if it was sub-consciously. A bus pulled up but it wasn't his. She got on, turned towards him with a question in her eyes and he followed.

Without a word she sat down and he took the seat next to her. Their hands sought and found contact. Their fingers played entangled lovers while they deliberately kept their eyes averted from each other. Too dangerous.

After an all-too-brief eternity the bus pulled up to her stop. She got up, walked to the exit and only then turned her face in his direction. He caught the look in her eyes with his heart and she whispered her name to him.

Without a sound his lips formed the words 'I know.' Which was true.
After all, in his dreams he and she had already been introduced.


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