Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Republicans love to contradict themselves

'If someone wants a beer the government shouldn't stop them. If someone wants to eat a very fattening hamburger that may result in heart failure they are entitled to do so. It's their body after all!'
-'Yes, of course! Government should not tell me what I can't put in my own body!'
'So you agree marihuana should be legalized.'
-'Er...what...? Er no...of course not!'
'But you just said - and I quote - 'Government should not tell me what I can't put in my own body!'
-'Well...er...yes. But that's not what I meant.'
'Please tell me what you did mean when you said it.'
-'Well...er..stop harrassing me!'
'Okay, fine. Something else then. In the USA every year about a thousand civilians are shot dead by cops. In England the number is zero. How do you explain that?'
-'Well, the English are cheating because none of them carry guns!'
'So you are saying that if guns were banned, people wouldn't get shot dead anymore?'
-'Well...er...yes. That's exactly what I mean!'
'So you would support a total ban on guns in America.'
-'Well...er...no...er...no, that's not what I was saying!'
'Please tell me what you were saying when you agreed people would not be killed anymore if guns were forbidden.'
-'Well...er...stop harrassing me!'

Can someone please explain this to me?
Republicans don't want government to interfere with people's lives. Right?
The government should not dictate it's citizens!

People should be able to think, buy and say what they want. Right?
People should be able to believe what they want and hug who they want. Right?

So why do Republicans want the government to tell people what they should not buy or put in their own bodies (What's wrong with smoking marihuana? One in three adult Americans have at least once smoked pot), who they can't marry (what's the big deal when someone would marry someone of the same sex?) and what they're not allowed to think ('Hey, the idea of sharing what you have left over with someone who has less may be pretty good! Let's have a bit of socialism!')?

Why do so many people refuse to see the contradiction in there? Are they brainwashed or simply extremely stupid?

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