Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Socrates could not live in our time

The Greek philosopher Socrates started to work as a mason - just like his father - after he finished his student life. He later decided to dedicate his life to the art of philosophy. Governments in our day would call him lazy because he did not work for money. Your and my government would most likely have forced him to take on paid work. Had they done so in the olden days we would never have heard of the mason Socrates who challenged his co-workers by asking them silly questions and deny the existence of God(s) in public. Because he would never have spoken in public. Let alone have listened to the people in the streets, responding to his questions. His life purpose was to force people to think for themselves in stead of taking for granted what others (cleric, government, teachers, parents) told them. For that he finally was sentenced to death. Luckily not before some of his students reported some of his teachings.


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