Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Who doesn't love to murder innocent animals?

'Extreme huntress' Rebecca Francis claims she kills endangered animals in order to preserve them and feed the local population in the areas where she hunts. As if people who have been living in perfect harmony with all of nature are not capable of shooting a stationary 14ft peaceful creature in the head from close range with a high powered rifle and need a young white American christian woman to do their killing. She says she does it so the locals can use the animal for food, clothing and jewellery. Sure. If they are willing to travel a couple of thousand miles to Rebecca Francis' home, 'cause that's where she keeps her collection of dead animals.

What is it with people that they are willing to pay for the 'right' to kill endangered animals who have no means of protecting themselves against vicious hunters? Even if the species is not endangered: why kill an animal if you're not hungry?

And why is it a 'sport' to look through a gunsight and simply squeeze a trigger in order to brutally murder a beautiful animal?

If Rebecca Francis (http://rebeccafrancis.com/wp/) really wants to show off her skills she could just go to the fair and shoot all the sitting ducks. They're innocent too but at least they're not alive.

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