Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why you are not a good christian

It is never right to make fun at people or even shout at them, just because they don't believe in a Higher Power. It's also not right to do when they do believe in an Almighty Entity that apparantly can build entire planets in six days but can't even make us like one another. Or make chocolate icecream that's not fattening.

Why do people always want to be right?

Millions of people have died and will die because somewhere someone just has to be right.

It's okay to have different opinions. It's okay to say: 'Hey, with the new inormation I just got I realize I was previously wrong.'

It's even okay to try and fail. None of us are perfect. 

People claim to be a good muslim 'because they go to the mosque' and people claim to be a good christian 'because they attend church.' Non valid arguments of course. Unless they agree that sitting behind a drum kit makes me a good drummer.

Just consider this: if a family from the Middle East came to your town, desperately looking for food and shelter, would you turn them away claiming 'We can't support them because we don't have enough ourselves and they threaten our way of life!'? If so: congratulations, you just turned away Josef and his pregnant wife Mary.

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