Saturday, November 26, 2016

Her ex (a short #story) #AmWriting

He read but as the words glided past they didn't stick with him. Mechanically he turned a page every now and then. It was the manuscript of a customer and he had promised to help her find a publisher because her story deserved to be told.

Although he knew the importance his thoughts were far away...

He had had a delicious meal on her houseboat and the wine had been so good that he had drunk more than he should have without noticing. The last tram had already departed but he didn't care.

In stead he said goodbye and paid his hostess yet another compliment.

'I think you have made me at least 20,000 compliments', she said smiling. -'What!? So little!? A woman like you deserves so many more than that!', he answered back.

She smiled, gave him a heartfelt kiss and went back to her ex.


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