Thursday, November 03, 2016

When facts and figures are not backed by research

More guns, less crime.
Guns are used more in self-defense than in criminal acts.
The vast majority of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones.
Good guys with guns stop mass shootings.
Guns make women safer.

(They claim there've been more mass shootings in The Netherlands than in the US. Not true. I know. I live in The Netherlands. They also claim 'It's different in small countries like Australia.' Australia is NOT a small country. Really, it's not.)

You've heard and read these statements before. On numerous occasions, I bet. What you probably don't know is that these assumptions are all based on the results of the studies of one man: Dr. John R. Lott.

Unfortunately, when asked to show his studies, mr. Lott said he had lost all his research due to a crash on his computer hard drive. Oh, no! 'But surely you have the results on paper too!' -'Unfortunaly not. I lost all my paperwork when I moved into my new home.' Oh, how unfortunate! Poor mr. Lott! 'But surely the students who helped you compiling all this terrific data, supporting all those NRA claims have copies on their computers?' -'Of course they do! But unfortunately I forgot each and every single name of all those students and fellow doctors who helped me collect and study the data.' Oh, poor Dr. Lott!

'Did you know true military weapons are designed not to kill but to just wound people? Their bullets are designed not to kill but to go straight through the body.' -'Well, no. Just because they are not.'

But is there really no way his statements can be backed? Yes, there is! His former student Mary Rosh placed a review on Amazon, regarding Mr. Lott's book 'More guns, less crime', stating 'He was the best teacher I ever had!' It's just very unfortunate Mary Rosh does not exist. Well, she does. But only as a figment of imagination of...Dr. R. Lott.

'Yes, but his studies and conclusions are backed by a real life research institute!' Unfortunately this institute is sponsored by the National Rifle Association. Their 'research' consistently points to the research of one man: Dr. R. Lott.

I know you proably don't have the time but if you're serious about looking at facts and figures before you make up your mind, based on newspaper headlines, please read this:

More fun facts ALSO come from a Republican: presidential candidate Donald Trump stated President Obama was directly responsible for the death of a soldier named Khan, back in 2004. People with their braincells turned to 'On' know Mr. Obama took office in 2009. A spokeswoman for Mr. Trump backtracked: 'President Obama probably may not have been responsible for Mr. Khan's death.'

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