Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why prisoners come out more angry

When someone does something that's against the law, he or she should be punished. Right? So if someone uses illegal drugs (more people die from using legal drugs, but that's not the point. Apparantly that's not an issue.) that person goes to jail. Unless that person is Charlie Sheen. Or the son of a politician. Or works in Wall Street.

Right. So, people are send to jail because after they are punished they will have learned how to behave in a better manner. Right?


American prisons are mostly private companies. And what do private companies love the most? Making money. So how do private prisons make money? By collecting as many inmates as possible. How do you get as many inmates as possible? By giving law makers money to produce as many laws as possible and come up with 'solutions' as the 'three strikes, you're out!'-rule. Of course that rule does not apply to bankers who steal millions from civilians but it does apply to civilians who steal from bankers. As we all know: stealing a ten dollar bill three times in one year makes someone a greater crook than stealing 132 million dollars in one go.

They do it different in Norway:

After you've read the above and watched the clips, please answer this question:
Do you want prisoners to come out of prison as really, really angry people or as people who can function well in society?

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