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On President Donald J. Trump

'Those before me did not help the people but only took office to enrich themselves.' It appeared Donald Trump is speaking of himself in the third person. As he is assustomed to doing on Twitter.

Two days ago he was sworn in as the USA's 45th president. And we seem to be still alive so everything is fine (NOT). He started with sacking all 80 ambassadors to the US, without having people to replace them. So now America is not officially represented in dozens of countries.

He says he won the elections 'fair and square' although Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. When Barack Obama lost the popular vote in 2012 but still - because of how the system works - renewed his presidential contract, how did the new president react? In a very sane and mature manner, right? Not really:

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His first day he also broke 34 promises. No, that's not a typo that should say 3 or 4 but it's a fact:

Then he signed an Act to repeal 'Obamacare', the Affordable Care Act. So now over 20 million Americans have lost their insurance. When asked he said he will replace Obamacare 'with something much better!' but leaves us in the dark about what that 'something' might be. Or when and how it will be implemented.

Funny in that regard is the man who expressed his joy over the end of Obamacare but admitted he received his healthcare through The Affordable Care Act, unknowing of the fact the two are one and the same thing...Poor guy! And now even poorer since his healthinsurance no longer pays for the medical care he needs. Should he get hospitalized he will most likely die because he won't even be able to afford a bed for a night.

He still has not shown his tax reports, he still refuses to step down as the head of his companies, his cabinet is filled with the same millionaires and even billionaires he told the people he will be coming down at. He told people he hates Goldman Sachs for enriching themselves at the cost of the regular people with bank accounts at that large bank. Now a former head of Goldman Sachs is in his cabinet.

A topman at EXXON (remember the oil spill they claimed was not happening and if it was, it wasn't their fault?) who just happens to be a close personal friend and business partner of Vladimir Putin is appointed Secretary of State:

He also appointed four former hardcore generals in his cabinet, making the claim he strongly opposes violence somewhat laughable. Understriped by his quote: 'We have so many nuclear warheads. It's a shame not to use them!'

It looks like he does not know what he's up to but at least people who voted for him won't be able to say 'wir haben es nicht gewusst.'

And did he really write his own inaugurational speech? Than I think I know where he got his inspiration from...

One of his first actions was halting a mortgage premium rate cut, costing the regular working American some 500 dollars a year:

Here are a few pictures to reflect my feelings on the new president:

More 'inspiration' (most people would call it stealing) for his speech:
(click to enlarge)

The number of people attending the Trump inauguration
was 1/7th of that of Obama's. 
It was NOT due to the cold as some media stated.
At Trump's inauguration day it was 50 degrees.
At Obama's it was 20 F.
Still Obama had a better turn out.
And better artists performing.
At Trump's party even a Bruce Springsteen tribute band 
refused to come and play.
I'm guessing here but I think Mr. Trump did not like the fact a really world famous superstar singer performed for the protesters the next day. For free. It was Madonna.

The day after the new president's inauguration more people were present at a march in Washington against everything the well known millionaire stands for than at the day of the inauguration itself. That must account for something.

His Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, does not know how to spell and could not answer the question: 'If your family had not given 200 million dollars in donations to the Republican Party, would you still have been given this post?'

Protesting against Trump's administration comes in many ways:
Worldwide millions of people marched for equality for all under the banner of #WomensMarch,
Shia LaBeouf launched a website, collection short speeches from people on the street , Michelle and Barack Obama launched a website with the intention of collecting ideas to make this world a better place and then excecuting the most viable plans.

Look at Donald Trump's picks for his cabinet:, Google their names to find out why so many people do not want these people to be in power. You don't have to believe me, just google their names and form your own judgement.

He literally shows no respect for the climate or LGBT rights and has removed the pages on those subjects from the White House webpage:

Trump let his press secretary Sean Spicer lie in front of the world press. Making him state that the crowd attendance at the Trump inauguration was 'much larger than the media claimed it was'.

If you're still not convinced: here's video footage

Making it clear what The Donald's main focus will remain throughout his presidency: it's not 'being there for the working class Americans' and not even 'supporting my friends in the oil industry'. Not even 'my friend Putin - who I never met except that I did - is being wrongfully accused of being a dictator'. No, the new president's main focus is - as it always had been and always will be - Donald Trump's ego.

James O'Keefe (an opportunist paid by the Trump Foundation) got caught trying to pay liberals to disrupt Trump's inauguration. Again, you don't have to believe me. Just read this article and watch the clip: and

I know, it's scary. But it's also 'normal'. But is it?

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