Thursday, January 12, 2017

US Cops lack target practice. But not bullets.

Police officers are always nice people who think before they shoot and their main objective is to help civilians and catch crooks, preferably without using violence. So, why are so many civilians being shot to death by cops?

'The man did not react to my orders, so I shot him.'
-'The man was deaf. And unarmed.'

A man - according to police officers - held a shotgun and possibly refused to let it go. He was shot by over half a dozen cops. 200 Times. Dozens of bullets were fired after the subject was dead. It remains to be seen if the man was guilty of anything.

So, let me guess. Police departments spend so much money on guns and bullets they have nothing more left to pay teachers to teach cops how to disarm a subject or - in the event brute force is required - to aim before they shoot so one single shot is sufficient to disable someone without killing that person.

What's your theory?

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