Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Founding Fathers were immigrants. Or traitors.

The Founding Fathers were American patriots who made the United States of America possible! Right? Not exactly. They were not born on American soil so in reality they were immigrants. And since they betrayed The British Empire by turning a colony into a new nation, they were also traitors. So Trump (he himself being a descendant from immigrants called Drumpf and son of an immigrant mother (from Scotland) and married to several immigrants from Eastern Euro, making his children second generation immigrants) supporters who shout: 'It's all the immigrants' fault!' are simply right.

And I seriously had to laugh when people were outraged when they found out it was possible a foreign nation had meddled in American affairs. As if America never has...
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But I'm still confused because according to president Trump the Democrats rigged the presidential election. So how come he became president?

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