Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What I do (a #personal #blog piece)

What happens to me at work:

'Can you work for me next Friday?'
-'To answer that question I need more information: Where is it? What are the working hours? What do I have to do? How much does it pay? Does the pay include travel expenses? Should I bring a costume? Do I go by public transport or will you arrange for a ride? Will there be food and drinks or do I bring my own? Is there a dressing room? Is it a private party or a business venue or just a night out? A birthday or a bar mitswa? Just give me some basic information and I'll give you my answer.'
-'Why do you want to know?'
'I like to know what I'm getting myself into.'
-'Why won't you tell me right now if you'll do it?'
'I want a bit more information than just a date so I can see if it fits my schedule and if it's worth it for me. Why do you want to keep that data a secret?'
-'I'm not keeping it a secret. I just don't want to let you know.'
'That's the definition of 'secret'. Do you understand I need the info?'
-'Yes, I do.'
'So why are you reluctant in giving it to me?'
-'I'm not.'

It appears some people just don't get it...

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As some of you may know I'm an entertainer. As such I get to see many different people, go to many different places and sometimes do things I started to consider normal but others would love to put on their bucketlist.

I also work at a beer brewery (click): incoming and outgoing invoices and social media.

For a couple of years I worked with children: afterschool and summercamp. I have even been a councilmember (for the Dutch Socialist Party). Yes, I once was a politician!

Next to that I worked as a volunteer for half a dozen foundations and groups. These days I scaled that down to one: the neighboorhood commity. I have three kids (that I know of): my daughters (15 and 16 now) live with their mother. My son - who's 21 now - moved out just a couple of months ago to live near the university where he studies to become an engineer. My girfriend had a business in bamboo homedeco products. Check it out at Rataplan Design (click)!

I also love to write: blogs, columns, working on a novel and a lot of short stories.

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