Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What do you believe?

'How do you know?' -'Well, I read it in a book by this scientist called Dan Brown.' -'Dan Brown is an author of fiction who happens to have some scientific knowledge.' 'Yes, I know. But I still know it's true because i read it myself!'

We believe what we want to believe. That's normal. Human beings find it almost impossible to believe something they never believed before. For example: once people are convinced the pyramids were build by aliens, it's really hard to present them evidence of the opposite.

Politicians and other marketeers have had this knowledge for a long, long time. And yes, even scientists and journalists are humans. So they develop a theory and then search for evidence to support their claims. If you look hard enough 'evidence' is not hard to find. Too bad people 'don't have the time' (what they mean is 'it does not have priority) to have others check their evidence. Nor do they have the time (what they really mean is: 'I don't want to.') to look for evidence of the opposite. And that's a real shame. It would mean the public would get actual facts. But it would also mean their research would not longer be funded by parties who don't want civilians to be knowledgeable

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