Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Are you an immigrant? Why (not)?

'Trump is right! Immigrants are to blame!'
-'What's the definition of 'immigrant'?'
'An immigrant is someone who is of foreign descent.'
-'So you are an immigrant?'
-'But you are from foreign descent?'
-'So according to your own definition you are an immigrant.'

'Maybe so, but my ancestors and me worked really hard so we are true Americans.'
-'So foreigners who work hard are not called immigrants who steal American jobs but 'Americans'. Correct?'
'Yes, that's right.'
-'So what do you think of Slovenian women who come to America, don't work but simply marry a rich American man in stead of working for a living?'
'They are basically prostitutes who should be send back to where they come from!'
-'So you are convinced Donald Trump will divorce from Melania and have her deported.'
-'Well er...'

You've heard an American president say some harsh words on immigration and crimerates. Here are the actual figures (click). Just in case you're more interested in facts than in tweets.

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