Wednesday, April 26, 2017

News: How to tell fact from fiction?

You know something is a fact because you just know it's true, right? On top of that: you read it on Facebook ánd it was on Fox. So, if the media confirm your believes they just have to be true!
If a thousand people say something, but science proves otherwise, some believe it's science that must be wrong.

But point is: there is no such thing as 'the media'. I'm sure you love your friends and relatives but can you rely on their sources? Turns out: not always. Here's what to do if you REALLY want to know what's going on:

An example of how fake news is created is in this story:
A young man saw a couple of buses, just assumed they carried anti-Trump protesters to a rally in Austin, posted the message (including pictures he made) on Twitter and later claimed he was 'too busy' to factcheck every bit of news he makes up. So, if he really is that busy, where does he get the time from to make up news, take pictures and post all that on Twitter? Not to mention the time he needs for all those interviews afterwards.

In the meantime some more fear and false facts were spread.

The world is on fire and we should vote for politicians who's sole purpose in life is to bring the rest of us back to  'the good old days'! Never did our future look so grim!' Right? Wrong!

Perhaps these facts did not convince you. Why is that? Would you rather believe someone who says we're doomed unless we vote for him or her to lead us to a better place, a better economy, a better life? By the way: it's not your 'gut feeling' telling you it's all going down the drain. No, it's a populist.

Here are some more facts (click) to tell you all's not that bad.

Donald Trump became president because his followers believe every single thing he says. His proven best way to trick his people is to repeat his lies over and over again. It's just a pychological trick: when you hear something often you automatically start believing it to be true. Even if it is the complete opposite of what that same person has told you before. Here's an example (click).

What I also don't get: why did the FBI spend so much time and money om investigating accusations made against Hillary Clinton but waited until after Donald Trump was elected president before they started investigating (click) his ties with US' arch enemy Russia?

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