Saturday, April 15, 2017

Caresses (a #ShortStory)

It was late. Too late to catch a tram. And too cold really to be waiting at some stop for the night bus. But considering his failing motor skills due to excessive alcohol use he decided not to walk.

At the next stop she got on, a few years after he last saw her. She noticed him right after showing the driver her bus card and walked towards him as fast as was ladylike.

Before she properly sat her hand had found his. She looked deeply into his expectant eyes and said: 'I am glad to have found the man of my dreams again.'

He suggested that they get off together at his stop but she told him she couldn't for reasons that do not matter here.

That is why he informed her of the existence of a literary magazine in which a haiku dedicated to her could be found:

Breathe quietly love
hear how the touch of my breath 
your breath caresses


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